What Does a Trump Presidency Mean to US Foreign Policy?

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean to US Foreign Policy

Concerns Linger at Home and Abroad

During the campaigns, one question that kept coming up was whether Donald Trump was competent enough to steer a reasonable foreign policy. Now that he is president-elect, concerns are lingering about the possibility of him implementing certain foreign policy changes he had threatened to pursue. The dominant perception is that Trump prefers the path of isolationism.  Here is a video to explain how that would work.


In his campaign rhetoric, Trump signaled that he would cut free America’s traditional allies such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, and North Korea. He also resolved that he would abandon the Iranian nuclear deal and corporate closely with Russia and the Assad regime in Syria. He proposed to withdraw America from NATO and raise taxes on Chinese products.

Possible Ramifications of Trump’s Foreign Policy

If President Trump abandons America’s traditional allies, it would be a significant threat to global peace and security. This is because some of those allies such as South Korea and Saudi Arabia live under the constant threat of attacks from their nearby foes. If he backs off from the Iranian nuclear deal, Tehran will certainly resume its path towards a nuclear weapon.

Israel would be forced to carry out the preemptive strike that it has always threatened. The repercussions would be gruesome since an Iranian counterattack might lead to a full-scale war with Israel. Such a war could quickly suck in other countries in the region, and the Middle East could be in turmoil for a long time without America’s intervention.

Compromising America’s Global Power

The super power profile of the United States depends a lot on it presence around the world. Trump wants to limit such presence. Implementing such a move would leave a power vacuum that would be filled by Russia or China. The long term effect of his policy would make it convenient for Russia to expand its dominance in areas abandoned by the United States.

His threat of increasing taxes on Chinese products would lead to an economic retaliatory response from China, which would usher in massive job losses in America. The Chinese would certainly look for alternative markets and make it difficult for American companies to do business in China. The realignments would be disastrous for America’s economic dominance.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Trump would imperil America’s global power if he follows through some or all of the foreign affairs measures that he signaled during the campaigns. There would be no stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world. The world without American power would be anarchic, dangerous, and disorderly in all aspects.

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What does a Trump presidency mean for America?

What does a Trump presidency mean for America

What does a Trump presidency mean for America?

Well, that depends on who you ask.

For some, a Trump presidency means safety and security. It means returning power to the people and it means a more conservative and better America.

For others, a Trump presidency means oppression and tyranny. It means turning the clock back on the Obama agenda. It means for them also a more conservative, but worse, America.

For those in the first group, Trump’s promises to slow immigration and build a wall are great. They believe it means more work for Americans and less money spent on welfare.

Trump has promised to “drain the swamp”. That is, to rid Washington of corrupt and crooked politicians. A Trump presidency means greater transparency and honesty in government.

Other Trump Promises include:

  • rebuilding and strengthening the military
  • reducing the size of government by cutting federal jobs
  • investing less in green energy and turning again to gas and oil
  • renegotiating trade deals

For those upset to have a Trump presidency, his election feels unbearable. It means the loss of their healthcare and welfare programs. They believe it means a rise of sexism, racism and bigotry. More than anything, it means the loss of Hillary’s presidency. Many of her supporters wanted her to be the first woman president.

Other concerns these folks have with a Trump presidency include:

  • a limiting of abortion services
  • the installation of conservative judges on the Supreme Court
  • an increasing intolerance of Muslims and other minority groups
  • Trump getting close with Russia

But what does a Trump presidency really mean for America?

Well, no one really knows.

Donald Trump is something of an enigma. He is an unknown in politics, unlike Hillary Clinton, who has been in public office for upwards of 30 years.

On and off the campaign trail, Trump would often contradict himself.

Earlier in life, Trump was pro-choice. Now he claims to be pro-life. He once believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. Now he believes “if two people dig each other, they dig each other.” He began his campaign promising broad tax cuts. He has now altered this after discovering that it would be impossible to do.

We will have to wait and see what a Trump presidency really means.

We can assume that he will be like every other president. He will keep some of his promises and break others. He will make some people happy and others angry. He will entertain some and infuriate others.

The one thing we can know for sure is that a Trump presidency means change for America.

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